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Duration2 days 1 night

Package Typeprivate tour

Package Overview

With the Egypt Tours Destination package, you can rest assured that every aspect of your journey is meticulously taken care of, from your first step at Cairo Airport. Our comprehensive package includes Meet and Assist services at Cairo Airport, all airport transfers, accommodation at hotels tailored to your preferred category, domestic flights, and private guided tours across Egypt. Leave all your travel concerns behind and embark on a hassle-free and enriching exploration of Egypt with us. this package includes a two-day tour visit to the Giza Pyramid, Sphinx, Saqqara Step Pyramid, Memphis City, Dahsour City ( Bent and Red Pyramids)Egyptian Museum, Old Coptic Cairo churches, Khan el Khalili Market, and the Citadel Of Salah El-Din & Mosque of Mohamed Ali


one night accomadtion accoding to your booking plan include breakfast meet and assist and two hotel transfers two day tours in Cairo city Private air-conditioned deluxe vehicle. Expert Egyptologist private tour guide. Bottled water during your tours and transfers


Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary Drinks at the restaurants Tipping

Package Itinerary

  • Giza pyramids and Sphinx
  • Saqqara Step Pyramids
  • Memphis city
  • Dahsour City
  • airport transfer with meet and Assit
  • Itinerary

    Upon your arrival at Cairo Airport, a representative from Egypt Tours Destination will be present to greet you, holding a sign with your name for easy identification. Our representative will assist you through airport emigration, customs procedures, and retrieval of your luggage. Subsequently then start your tour visit Giza Pyramids the thrill of the ancient seven wonders and the only one still standing, the great pyramids of Giza, which are perhaps the most famous and discussed structures in history. Begin your tour by visiting the Giza Plateau Pyramids. Smoothly go from one to the other, observe the magnificent pyramid of King Khufu (Cheops), the largest pyramid in the world, Then proceed to Khafre (Chephren), which is noted for its smooth Fine limestone. At the topmost top, similar to those that once covered all of the ancient pyramids. Then proceed to the Panoramic Zone, where you will have a photo stop to capture the most picturesque photos with the three pyramids in the background. On your way also you will pass by the valley temple of King Khafre where his mummy had been mummified. Then finish your memorial tour with the Great Sphinx, which has stood on the Giza plateau for thousands of years. then move to the site of Saqqara Literally, it is the most important ancient cemeteries all over ancient Egyptian history. Most likely, the name of the location derived from Sokar, the god of this necropolis. Saqqara is a true open-air museum, featuring artifacts from every period of ancient Egypt's history. Starting from the predynastic period to the Greco-Roman area this is also the location of the Step Pyramid of Djoser (c. 2686-2667 BC) the oldest stone edifice in human history, which was built by Imhotep, the vizier, in the 27th century BCE under the Third Dynasty. The pyramid is the focal point of a massive funeral complex, set in a vast courtyard surrounded by ceremonial buildings and decorations. then move to Memphis the capital of upper and lower Egypt kingdoms and is considered the oldest administration capital in the world. The temple of God Path that was built there was the largest temple in the world until the 4th century AD, although only a small portion of the original temple survives today. The temple is famed for its huge figure of King Ramses II, which is the largest one-piece monument unearthed in Egypt to date. Continue your excursion by seeing the Alabaster Sphinx statue of Memphis, which was most likely built for the famed queen Hatshepsut. The Alabaster Sphinx is considered the second largest sphinx statue in the world after the Great Sphinx in the Giza plateau, and many remnants of the old temple can still be seen. end your tour With Dahsour city is a one-of-a-kind sight; it is one of the few ancient sights where you feel as if you have traveled back in ancient times. At Dahsour, you can only hear the silence of the tombs as it is far in the middle of the desert a remote location with few tourists. Begin your tour in Dahsour city by visiting the Bent Pyramids, the first attempt to build a pyramid in history. King Senfru decided to build a pyramid, but with no experience, he began to build this pyramid with the angle of 54 D, but they discovered it would be too high if they continued with the same angle, so they changed it to 45 D, causing the shape of the pyramid to bend. The bent pyramid is especially well-known for its magnificent limestone outer casing, which has survived to this day, as well as the unusual plan of the inside inner corridors, which will be an unforgettable experience to go inside and explore. Then proceed to the Red Pyramid, which is known to be the first true pyramid in history. It is called the Red Pyramid because it was covered with a layer of reddish limestone that regrettably no longer exists. You can also enjoy touring inside the inner passages of this pyramid. Drive to your hotel Check in overnight Cairo Hotel

Giza pyramids and Sphinx

Visit Giza pyramids including the pyramids of King Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Chephren), and Menkaure (Mekrenos ) then a photo stop at the Panorama zone end your tour with a visit to the valley temple and great sphinx

Saqqara Step Pyramids

Visit Saqqara complex with the step pyramid of King Djoser consider the oldest stone construction worldwide

Memphis city

Visit Memphis city to see the remains of the most famous ancient capital and the ruins of the god Ptah temple

Dahsour City

Visit Dahsour city See the oldest pyramids all over Egypt see the Bent and The Red Pyramids

airport transfer with meet and Assit

Meet and Assit and Airport transfer

  • Museum of Egyptian Civilization with Royal Mummies
  • Old Coptic Cairo Churches
  • Citadel Of Salah El-Din & Mosque of Mohamed Ali
  • Khan El-Khalili Market
  • airport transfer
  • Itinerary

    Breacfast at your hotel then check out Start your tour by visiting The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Partially opened in 2017, the museum was officially inaugurated on 3 April 2021 when the government chose this museum to be the new home of the Egyptian Royal Mummies. NMEC is the greatest approach to show the whole spectrum of the richness and complexity of Egyptian civilization over the years, from prehistoric times to the present day it takes you through ancient Egyptian history, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Jewish, Islamic end up with modern Egypt history. The tour also includes a visit to the Royal Mummies Expedition, which is considered the museum's crown gem. The Royal Mummies' Hall is expressly constructed to display the mummies of Egypt's ancient Kings and Queens. The design seeks to give visitors the impression that they are wandering through the Valley of the Kings, where the majority of these mummies were once lying. The hall has 20 royal mummies, 18 kings, and 2 queens dating from the 17th to the 20th dynasties. King Ahmos the founder of the 18th Dynasty, queen Hatshepsut the most important female pharos, Thutmose III the greater warrior, and Ramses II the great builder are the most famous mummies inside the room. then move to Old Coptic Cairo, the sacred place where Jesus Christ stayed with the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph during his holy journey to avoid the Horde who wanted to slay the boy. Begin the tour by seeing the hanging church, one of the most famous churches in the world. The significance of this church stems from the way it was built, hanging on one of the towers of the old Babylon stronghold, with no foundation. Then take the stairs down for more than 3 meters to the old city level, walk through the old city streets, see the old houses and churches along the way, and visit St.Sarguise church, also known as the Cavern church because it is famous for housing the Holy Family for more than 3 months you will enjoy the cavern and the main church. End your tour by seeing one of Egypt's most important Jewish synagogues. The synagogue was originally a church dating back to the 8th century AD, but Ibn Ezra purchased it from the Christians and converted it into a synagogue. The Synagogue previously housed an antique copy of the Old Testament, which was penned by the prophet Ezra or Al-Azir. It is also thought that the site of the Synagogue is where the casket containing Baby Moses was discovered and stolen by the pharaoh's wife at the time. After visit Citadel Salah El-Din, one of the most significant military castles built during the Middle Ages, which has defensive value due to its strategic location, guarding the towns of Cairo and Al Fustat. The Citadel was built in the 12th century to safeguard Cairo against Crusaders and served as Egypt's capital during the Ayyubid, Mamluk, and Ottoman regimes. Then proceed to the most renowned and biggest mosque in Egypt. The alabaster Mosque of ruler Mohamed Ali, the Turkish ruler who ruled Egypt from 1805 to 1948, was the beginning of modern Egyptian history. The architect was Yusuf Boshnak from Istanbul and its model was the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The mosque is mostly constructed of limestone recycled from ancient pyramids, the lower part is totally covered with Alabaster stone the mosque Domes made out of server continue walking through the historical old streets and end up with Khan El-Khalili Market the old market all over Egypt It is a real chance to test how good is your negotiation skills with the sellers there, At the end, you will need to rest you will have a cup of Paper Mint tea on El-Feshawi cafe, which was founded 1771 AD. the vibe of this historical place will be the amazing end of your tour then drive back to your hotel At the end you will be transferred to Cairo Airport for your final departure, departing with cherished memories of your experience with us.

Museum of Egyptian Civilization with Royal Mummies

Visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization NMEC the best way to learn more about the Egyptian civilization over the years, from prehistoric times to the present day tour also includes a visit to the Royal Mummies room

Old Coptic Cairo Churches

Visit Old Coptic Cairo Church and enjoy the places where the Holy Family stays See the Hanging church, and the Cavern church visit the holy family Cavern ends your tour with Ben Ezra Synagogue

Citadel Of Salah El-Din & Mosque of Mohamed Ali

Visit the Citadel Of Salah El-Din dates back to 1183 AD with the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali

Khan El-Khalili Market

walk through the historical old streets Market of Khan El-Khalili

airport transfer

airport transfer to Cairo Airport